Relationship > Religion

Posted: October 8, 2010 in Development, Leadership, Soul Care, Youth Ministry
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I just preached a message that was hard for me. Why? Because I was preaching to myself. I preached to our high school ministry (it was an outreach night) about not being religious and how religion (Christianity to be specific) is viewed badly. And rightly so. It’s because of Christians. I preached from Luke 11:37-52. Jesus is going off on the Pharisees and religious leaders. They are all about wearing their Christian t-shirts, carrying their bibles with them (that have never been read), pray these lofty prayers (just to sound ‘spiritual’), go to church (not listening to what’s being said), and I could go on and on. We Christians have given Christianity a bad name because as statistics show we are judgmental and hypocritical. As one word defines that…pharisaical.

I love what Jesus says, though in Matthew 22:37. A pharisee asked him what the greatest commandment was. He responds with Love God! The second, which is equally important is Love Others. One thing I know to be true is that we were created to have relationships. Specifically, with Jesus. People have this skewed view that religion is all about the rules. It’s NOT. It’s about a RELATIONSHIP WITH JESUS.

This relationship with Jesus trumps religion.

Here’s my confession…I probably offended people. Am I sorry? No. Because sometimes the truth hurts. People need to hear it straight up just like Jesus was telling the pharisees straight up…without beating around the bush.


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