The Drain

Posted: October 21, 2010 in Balance, Events
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Sometimes it’s too draining to be around people! Going to crowded places is hard when you’re  a pastor. You spend multiple nights a week leading large groups of people. Even for an extraverted person it can be draining. Then when there’s an opportunity to go out on a date with your spouse, you feel too exhausted to go places where there are going to be people. Many times a quiet night at home seems more exciting than going out on the town. I wonder,

“Am I the only one that feels that way?”

  1. Cipher says:

    I am not a pastor but my job requires me to interact with people all day long. It feels like I have a fuel tank for conversation and by the time I get home it is often running on empty. The idea of going back out and spending the evening with a bunch of people often does not appeal to me and that has caused some relationship trouble.

    We talked it out and try to strike a balance. Some nights we go out even if I’m wanting to stay in, and some nights we stay in even though my significant other wants to go out. It isn’t perfect but no relationship is.

    • Nick says:

      I agree completely with striking that balance. Great thought! Thanks for sharing that. It’s good to keep things in perspective.

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