What Could It Be?

Posted: October 24, 2010 in Development, Youth Ministry
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So I’ve been wrestling with this whole ‘leadership’ thing. Like, what is leadership? How do you know if you’re good at it? How do you know if you are bad at it? I wonder why I’ve been so caught up in this topic. Maybe in the back of my mind I question my leadership skills. I wonder if those that I am ‘leading’ are thinking about my leadership. I suppose I could just ask them. In fact, that thought has crossed my mind. What types of question would you ask? Would you come out and simply and bluntly ask, “Rate my leadership.”

To evaluate your leadership, what do you do? How do you get feedback?

  1. Matt Bond says:

    Great honest post! I wrestle too. I don’t know if I’ve ever landed on a formula for assessing overall leadership gifts in the real world (all kinds of personality profile tests point us in all sorts of directions on paper) but I’ve heard: is anyone following? is there fruit-bearing? Often it’s difficult to rate overall leadership with a snapshot or instant feedback b/c there’s always a bigger picture right? If character is forged in failure and mistakes are the greatest lessons, how many failures and mistakes til I’m no longer leading? I usually go with asking for feedback from 1. my trusted inner circle, 2. folks just on the outside of the inner circle, 3. students, leaders, and parents, 4. outsiders. I throw away the highest and lowest and try to find the median, I’m usually somewhere in there…

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