Every fall, I take students on a fall retreat to our conference camp. Each year, students rarely would use the weekend to let God speak to them. To open their ears and listen. This year was different. We took a larger than normal group and had GREAT discussions. Students expressed the desire to hear God’s voice, to read his word, and to have that deeper relationship with Christ. My challenge, which I am excited to take on, is the follow-up to help the students take what they learned/desired to do when they got home and give them the encouragement and resources to do just that.

A close second for this incredible weekend was that our youth group actually won something. I’ve been taking students on this retreat for 7 years. We’ve entered into tournaments every year and have never won…except this year! We won 2nd place in the volleyball tournament! That was a highlight because we also got a pretty big trophy. Not only that…but our group won the afternoon all-camp game!  The prize wan’t great…Necco Waffers (those things are gross and should stop being made) but the recognition and just knowing we won was HUGE.

Over all, of 7 years of these trip, this one ranks at the top of the list!

  1. Marc Aune says:

    You better bring that trophy to staff meeting tomorrow

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