Family Vision

Posted: November 9, 2010 in Balance, Leadership
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In ministry, especially as a pastor, we focus on the vision of our ministry. Well, what about our family?! We lack vision for our most important ministry. Why is this? Do we feel our family matters less than our ‘church’ ministry?

I ask this because this past weekend my wife and I went on a retreat to Aurora Staples Inn (a B & B in Stillwater, MN) for a retreat. We spent time with friends of ours who have a passion for helping others in succeeding in life. It’s a life coaching business. (If you want details about this couple let me know and I’ll get your their info.) Our focus was the vision my wife and I have for us and our family. It’s something we’ve never talked about. So it was good to get our thoughts out on the table. We mentioned some things we’ve never really talked about.

The results? Well, I don’t want to share all the details, but now we are putting together a game plan to see our vision come to reality. One of the biggest ones for me is to have a house with a backyard. Right now we ‘own’ a townhouse. If you have little kids you know they don’t get to run around very much in a townhouse. So, we’re trying to put together a plan to move into a house with an actual yard.

Have you thought about the vision for your family?


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