Catching The Vision

Posted: November 10, 2010 in Culture, Development, Leadership, Programming, Youth Ministry
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Here’s a question I’d like to throw out there for other youth workers to help me out with. We’ve recently changed the way we do youth ministry in our church. We’ve changed to a small group focused ministry. Once a month we have an outreach night where we encourage our regular attending students to invite their friends. We haven’t had much success in this area and I wonder why. I wonder if the student’s haven’t caught onto the vision of our ministry. They love the small group aspect, but the outreach…needs something. Here’s what I tried…I repeat and repeat the purpose of these outreach nights. I’ve also done several teaching series with the students explaining to them why we do what we do in the ministry. Some of them have even mocked me by repeating in an annoying voice, “You always tell us to invite our friends.”

What do you do for your students to catch your vision?


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