Online Missions

Posted: November 12, 2010 in Culture, Development, Leadership
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In our age of technology, many things are easier, fun, and you can accomplish so much more. In our world of ministry technology can be very powerful. There’s the Facebook Missions Trip that’s called “Online Missions Trip”. It’s a unique opportunity for students to share Jesus using social media. After all, aren’t most of our students hanging out there anyway? Why not use it?!

Another online missions trip I’ve been introduced and using lately is called Global Media Outreach. People all over the world are searching the internet for Truth. They have a way of tracking this. You should check it out at Great Commission 2020. After going through a little online training, I’ve been able to help people as they commit their lives to Jesus and renew their commitment with Him. I’ve also been able to help others out with their questions about spirituality and life.

How do you use technology to present the Gospel?


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