Toddler Prayers

Posted: November 15, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Todays post is more a personal family life thing. I’m not the best dad in the world, but I try so hard to teach my boys the Truth of Jesus Christ. My boys are 4 and 2 and full of energy. I love hanging out with them. My job as their dad is every night I put them to bed. It’s sort of become “our thing”. I read them their bed time story, talk about our favorite part of the day, and then we pray together. Just recently, they have wanted to pray by themselves. Normally, I’ve been the one praying. There is nothing more cute, precious, and humbling than hearing toddlers pray! They are so genuine, full of love and honesty when they talk to the Creator. No wonder Jesus told the disciples, “Let the little children come to me.” Their faith blows away most adults!

  1. Nancey says:

    Au contraire, Nick! To Noah and Eli you are, indeed, the best dad in the world!

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