Is Your Body A Temple?

Posted: November 19, 2010 in Body Care, Soul Care
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My wife and I have a running theme with our careers. She’s a personal trainer helping others feel good about the way they look, getting them healthy and in shape. Me? I’m a youth pastor. I help people understand the God of this universe. She works on peoples bodies and I work on peoples souls. We make a great team that way. We’ve been married for just over 9 years and I’m starting to catch her vision of health and wellness for my own life. I’ve tried to work out regularly, but typically fail miserably. As I get older, I see what I look like in the mirror and I don’t like what I see. I feel I should look more healthy and just plain have bigger muscles. (after all, isn’t that what most guys want anyway?).

I started to realize that the Holy Spirit lives within me. My body represents the holiest of holies. It should be in perfect condition, look great, and be taken care of if the spirit of the God that created this HUGE universe is living within me. I got convicted that I’m not doing that well. God, after all, deserves the best. I should have the best temple I can with my body. So, I started this thing called Crossfit. This thing is INTENSE! It will definitely get this body, this temple, in great shape. Check it out and find one close to you. I started going to the Crossfit in Woodbury.

This time…I’m going to stick it out and keep it up. Who’s with me?

Is your body the best it can be to house the God of this universe?

  1. Nancey says:

    If not and they’re local, they could always hire Mary to help them out!

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