I Hate It

Posted: December 3, 2010 in Leadership, Programming, Uncategorized, Youth Ministry
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I’m a product of our culture. The part of the culture that teaches us to “want it now!” I’ve had to reprogram my brain to put many of my wants aside until God’s timing…not mine. Usually, if it’s my timing, I get into trouble. So Have to to wait. It’s a lesson in the dreaded word… ‘patience’.

I know it’s strong language, but I truly hate…patience.

I hate waiting. When an idea come to my mind, I want to do it NOW. Details will/can come later. They come during the journey or process.

What’s interesting about ministering to the youth generation is that they want things even faster…quicker. They’re in the age of ‘lightning fast’. They have texting to get responses, fiber optic internet, wireless internet, cell phones, and the list goes on. I still remember the days of dial-up internet…if you could afford it. I also remember the days of the bag phone. Where you had to carry the battery of your cell phone in a bag…and it weighed 20 pounds!

The trick…getting teens to wait! How do you do it? How do you teach it?


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