“He broke the power of death and illuminated the way to life and immortality through the Good News.” 2 Timothy 1:10

I live in the midwest in Minnesota. Right now we are at a season where it is dark, dreary, and cold. Often times it leads to depression. If not that, then most people struggle with a lack of joy, happiness, and a love for life. I read this passage as I was struggling with those feelings and I brightened up. I brightened up for many reasons, but this truth hit me…hard! The way to True life has been illuminated by Christ. What a great thing to hold tightly to.

For me, Christ has illuminated some things in this weather season and in my season of life to give me great joy.

One, my family. My wife loves and supports me. What more could a man ask for?! My 2 boys are growing so fast. There old enough now for me to hold logical conversations with, wrestle hard with, and to bring me back to what’s really important in life.

Two, my physical well being. Since it’s so cold outside now, we can’t really spend much energy outside. So I joined Crossfit Woodbury. I’m getting my butt kicked, but I feel good after the burning in my chest goes away. I’m excited about the fact that I am helping my body get stronger and healthier…being an example to my family and those I minster to about the importance of being healthy.

Three, my relationship with God. I have to admit that as a ‘full-time’ youth pastor I never really spent much time filling myself up with God’s word and presence. Over the last couple of months I have decided to make it a priority. My God and I are growing closer and closer. The relationship is actually real to me. I see its importance. I think that since this has happened in my life, it’s effected the way I minister. I minister to people from an overflow of what God has poured into me.


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