I love to give my volunteer staff gifts. It’s one of my favorite things to do, but… sometime money in youth ministry can be pretty tight. Our budgets are typically the smallest of church budgets, so we have to get creative when it comes to gift giving. Here are some simple things I’ve done in the past for my volunteer staff.

Framed Bible Verse – I know it sounds cheesy, but it actually turned out better than I thought. I bought inexpensive frames at a local department store. Then I talked to each leader and asked what their favorite bible verse was. Once I received everyones I went to Wordl to make a word cloud. This was basically free because I just printed them off in color on my printer. Put a little ribbon or bow on it and there you have it…a cool gift that brings God’s Word.

Bag ‘O Treats – One day I wanted to really surprise my leaders for Halloween so I bought some bags of Halloween candy, some padded envelopes that I had laying around, put in a note and mailed it. It was great getting the emails, texts, and phone calls thanking me for that surprise.

Gift Cards – Ok, so this isn’t the most creative or cost efficient, but I had to put it out there. I typically give gift cards for a couple of reasons. One, I write in the card that it’s for them and their spouse to use on a date night. Two, I like to send these gifts in the mail. It’s always a nice surprise to get something that’s not junk or a bill in the mail.

What creative gifts do you/have you given or received?


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