Challenging Your Students

Posted: January 19, 2011 in Events, Programming, Soul Care, Youth Ministry
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Sometimes I find it difficult to really push the students in my ministry collectively. So, every once in a while we hold a 30 Day Challenge. This is a thing designed for those who really want to push their relationship with Christ. To grow deeper in their relationship with Jesus. It’s something we offer to every student, but typically it’s those that are hungry for more. Here’s what I’ve done in the past:

30 Day Media Fast – students are surrounded by media. It’s almost impossible to get away. We set up guidelines to follow because students can’t get away 100% from media because of school homework. So we limited TV watch watching to just the news. Internet use was for school work only. Cell phones were fine. Video games were limited to games labeled “E”. In hind sight we should have put further restrictions to this as well. Not many finished all 30 days. Some gave up after two days. Others did a lot better than expected. They tried really hard for the entire month, but in a few spots gave in to the media…like their iPods.

30 Days of Silence – Each student had to pay $5 for this one because it came with a book. It was called “Enjoy the Silence” by Duffy & Maggie Robbins. Youth Specialties puts it out. We challenged students to do 30 days straight. Unfortunately, no student completed it. But some came very close, which I’m proud of. Each day, students were to read the chapter with allows them to meditate on a passage of Scripture. Then they reflect and listen to/for God’s voice. Its a great way to learn to get away and be with God.

Right now, I’m in the process of planning and organizing our next 30 day challenge. I pray that it’s something the student will really grab hold of and use to become a better disciple of Christ.

What do you do the challenge and grow the students in your ministry?


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