Struggling Disciple

Posted: January 24, 2011 in Balance, Development, Soul Care, Youth Ministry
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I think one of the biggest struggles with anyone in the ministry (full-time, part-time, or volunteer) is personal time with God. We just don’t do it! Why? Because we teach it and prepare from it. This makes it tough to get in God’s word for our own personal growth. This leads me to a question:

How can you teach and lead other to draw closer to God if you can’t do it yourself?

YOU CAN’T! Don’t think that you can, either. You will fail. You will burn out. You will have students that will more than likely lose what you are “teaching” them when they graduate. So how can you prevent that and stay in youth ministry (or any ministry, for that matter) for the long haul?

Get into God’s Word for yourself. No agenda. No lesson prep. Just true unadulterated time with the Savior. If you’re like me you need something to help you read through it without spending time figuring out what to read. I’ve used the following reading plans: The Life Journal and Essential 100. Both are found on (I love the app for this and HIGHLY recommend it. I tell my students to download it on their iPod touch or smart phone.)

Along with reading the passages, many times I take time to journal what God is saying to me. This is another tough thing for me to do. So to ‘make’ myself do this, I went out and bought a nice journal that cost some money. I tend to use things more often if there is a cost to it. I bought a moleskine journal. You can get one at your local Barnes & Noble or Borders. What’s great is that even though I go into these reading for personal growth, I later go back to it for lesson and sermon ideas.

Well, there you have it from a struggling disciple of Christ. What do you do to have your personal time with the Savior?

  1. Me says:

    This is absolutely true! We challenged our group to read through the bible in a year (and of course we are doing it as well). There is something so refreshing about just reading the Word and letting it just wash over you and seep into your being! I have to journal along side it just because I don’t want to miss an ounce of what God is saying to me! Great post, thank you!

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