Growth In Weakness

Posted: March 2, 2011 in Development, Leadership
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I’ve often been told that to succeed you need to focus on your strengths. There’s a lot of truth in that statement. But the issue I have is what about those areas where you are weak? I’ve come to realize that I am not and never will be the best leader, but I can improve! I’ll take that anytime because I love a good challenge. It keeps life interesting.

This is why I’m SO excited about attending my first Catalyst Conference. One of my major focus points on my sabbatical is on my leadership. I came across Catalyst and couldn’t believe there was going to be a conference during that time. I quickly put that on my list of the things I HAVE to do. So in May I’m headed to Dallas, TX for Catalyst Texas. I simply cannot wait to hear from some of the greatest church leaders like Andy Stanley and Craig Groeshel. Not to mention the networking I’ll be able to do.

This is just one thing I’m going to do to work on some of my weaknesses. What are some things you do to improve?


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