This Is Weird

Posted: March 29, 2011 in Balance, Development, Leadership, Programming, Soul Care, Uncategorized, Youth Ministry

As I’ve been planning for my 3 month leave for Sabbatical I keep coming across this ‘weird’ feeling. It’s really weird planning to leave. Wondering if everything will run smoothly? Did I fill all the gaps? What if….? All these questions roll through my mind.

Well, I guess I have to leave it Gods’ hands…any my AWESOME volunteer staff’s hands!

Then on the flip side, I wonder…”What is God going to teach me?!” I’m nervous. A good friend of mine told me that when we get away often times our mind gets thinking in areas we normally don’t think about. This causes us to have to deal with things we don’t want to and that should have been dealt with a while back. That could be really uncomfortable.

I’m planning on keeping tabs on what I’m learning and going through over the next 3 months. I’ll tag it all under “Sabbatical”

What’s really weird is I’ve been planning this time for not quite a year and it already starts on FRIDAY!!!!


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