Being the Visitor

Posted: April 19, 2011 in Culture
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Since I’ve worked in a church for so long, I’ve forgot what’s it’s like to be a visitor. This past Sunday, I visited a friends church. The only person I knew was the Lead Pastor. (Knowing he’s a busy guy, I didn’t expect to really get a chance to speak with him.)

As I pulled into the parking lot, got out of my car, and walked toward the doors, here are some feeling that I began to feel that I think most visitors feel when going to a church for the first time.

  • Scared – What if no one talks to me? Or what if people ask me personal questions?
  • Nervous – What if I miss/mess up traditions they have?
  • Excited – What does this church do that’s different from the others?
As I entered the building of a high school (which is where they meet) I was greeted with a handshake. There were great signs pointing me to where I had to go. As I entered the gym, the stage was beautifully set and lit. I found my seat and was welcomed by the pastor. It felt really good that he took time to come talk briefly with me. After the service I was thanked for coming by 3 people. It’s always nice to be approached and noticed.

These are some things I’ll need to think about in my youth ministry when it comes to visitors.
What are some things you do to welcome visitors to your church or youth ministry?


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