Book Review: Leading On Empty

Posted: May 2, 2011 in Balance, Development, Leadership
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I just finished reading Leading on Empty: Refilling Your Tank and Renewing Your Passion. This is a MUST read for any leader…church leader. Holy Smokes! Wayne is a great writer who had been through a lot that we can learn from. We learn in this book what to do to help prevent burnout, depression, and the desire to quit ministry when times are low.

I will admit that going into this book, I was feeling low. For me, burnout was just around the corner. That was why I asked for this sabbatical. From page 1 of this book, I felt really good because what Wayne went thought seemed like 100 time more than what I was going through and feeling. This book came at just the right time to help prevent further dives into the depths of depression, feelings of worthlessness, or whatever else can come in those moments of weakness.

It seemed as if the entire book was written to lead up to chapter 10 & 11. Those were my favorite chapters because they were filled with concrete, practical ideas to implement into my life to prevent burnout and lead like I was called by God. Throughout the entire book there are great lines that are easily Twitter worthy quotes. If I were to have done that my twitter page would be nothing but Wayne Cordeiro quotes. Nothing of my own.

This book is a life saver to growing leader. I hope that you will pick this book up if you consider yourself a leader (a leader of your family, your business, your spiritual walk). You never know…you could be better now and in the future and lead a movement.


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