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Posted: May 11, 2011 in Development, Leadership
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I can’t believe the day that I just had. It was incredible! I heard from some of the top church leaders in America and learned SO much already…and I still have 2 more days of this. So the big question is, “What am I going to do with all this knowledge?” Well, I’ll deal with that at the end of the conference. One of the cool things that happened is that I filled my first moleskine journal. Tomorrow I crack open a brand new one. The first speaker tomorrow is none other that Andy Stanley. Can’t wait.

Below are my take-aways from the labs that I sat in.

Opening Session – Scot McKnight

He opened up using the the story of “Leaf by Niggle”. My big take-away was this…I/we need to let our BIG dreams be subverted by Jesus. Meaning this, sure we might have big dreams, but it’s the little things that we do that get us there. Let Jesus take our big dreams while he gives us the leaves that build that BIG dream.

Lab 1 – David Kinnaman

This will be hard to summarize, but I thinkI heard 3 things that we need to do in our church to reach the Mosaics (20’s & 30’s). 1) Teach the authority of Scripture. 2) Teach how the scripture relates to all vocations. 3) Have a relationship with them! David use 3 “A” words: Access, Alienation, Authority.

Lab 2 – Chris Seay

This was interesting because there was a MAJOR thunderstorm hitting us during this teaching time. Made for some fun dramatic sounds with the discussion of Heaven. We ran out of time to talk about Hell. Chris basically taught 4 passages of scripture: Colossians 3, Revelation 21, 1 Corinthians 13, and Matthew 7. His main point was that we need to be teaching more on the topic of Heaven.

Lab 3 – Michael Hyatt

What a great communicator. His big take-away was if you want to be a GREAT leader…lead with your heart. There is so much to unpack there, I just don’t have the time right now. But look into it and you’ll find it to be true.

Closing Session – Mark Batterson

He taught from Numbers 11. He asked 2 big questions: 1) Does your vision add up? 2) How big is your God? To answer #1, our vision shouldn’t add up. To answer #2, Well, my God created the universe in 6 days by just his voice, I think he can take care of my vision.

Well, that’s enough for today. Looking forward to what I’ll be learning tomorrow. I’m sure many of these teachings will come at later times on this blog as I get the opportunities to let them soak in.

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