Catalyst Day 1

Posted: May 12, 2011 in Development, Leadership
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OH MY….THE INSANITY!!!! Today was a day unlike any other. So much content, so little time to let it marinate, get happy, in my mind. To at least make sense of it. I heard from 7 incredible speakers. They were: Andy Stanley, John Perkins, Gary Haugen, Scott Belsky, Christine Caine, Donald Miller, and David Platt. How can I take words from these leaders and apply it to me? This is a tough challenge that is ahead of me. The only thing stopping me…tomorrow. Tomorrow is another day for hearing more great words from even more great leaders.

So in my best effort to condense it all into a good take-away…Here we go:

What story do I want to tell? What story do I want my kids to see? What courageous acts am I going to take? A single act of courage is the tipping point for something extraordinary. This can be, and is, dangerous. This vision God had given me, and in the process of giving me, how is it going to happen? Through organization (which needs a miracle of God), a team, and leadership. This thing called life and ministry is risky. Life is but a vapor, what am I going to do with this short amount of time I have on this earth? I can’t, nor should I, be safe about it. God is in control. Sometimes, the most tragic things, the most difficult things we/I will go through are the starting points toward greatness. It’s God preparing us for incredible things ahead that we can’t see. We just need to go one step at a time. One foot in front of the other. I, we, don’t have time to waste. I/we have a great mission placed in front of us.


  1. Pam Thompson says:

    Such good reminders! I don’t like danger, risk, tragey. And, I don’t want to be courageous! It scares me. And yet often that is where we see and experience God and do His work.

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