I still can’t believe all that happened in 2 days. It’s a good thing I bought the Experience Pack so that I can go over this stuff again AND teach it to my volunteer staff. Today I heard from Scott Smiley, Craig Groeschel, Scott Harrison, Rev. RUN (from Run DMC), Matt Chandler, and Andy Stanley. 2 of these guys are guys that I consider heroes and that I try to model (other than Jesus of course). Those 2 are Craig Groeschel and Andy Stanley. Today I was standing so close to Pastor Craig that I could have reached out and touched him. I couldn’t because that would be weird. Plus, he was talking to someone who wanted his book signed. I couldn’t get the book to have him sign because I was running out of money. Someday, I’d love to meet him.

Anyway, what did I take away from day 2? Well…

I have no excuses with any of my faults. Captain Scott almost died and is blind and he still leads in the military! Currently, I believe I’m in the middle of the older generation and the emerging generation. So, I need to lead up by honoring those who have gone before me in the ministry and mentor younger emerging leaders. In my teaching and preaching, how am I proclaiming the Gospel? After all, the Gospel not only saves us, but it also sustains us and carries us. It’s the Gospel that sets us free! Finally, I must do what only I can do! Delegate the things that I am weak at and excel at what I am gifted at.

Well, the Catalyst experience is officially over. I truly hope to return next year (with my wife, hopefully) to continue this journey of leadership God has called me to.


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