How Do You Grow?

Posted: May 25, 2011 in Development, Soul Care
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One thing I struggle with is follow-thru. I’m a vision person. I love dreaming of what could be, but I fail at making it happen. I typically need someone to walk along side me helping put the plan in action. This is also true in my spiritual growth. I envision myself memorizing passages, daily bible reading, great meaningful prayer times, and other ‘spiritual’ things that are supposed to make me a ‘better Christian’, but more importantly closer to my Savior. At the Catalyst Conference (Labs, Day 1, Day 2) I attended last week I got a great resource that is designed to help me. It’s called Monvee. Here’s how it works:

You buy this test ($19). It’s a spiritual, personal survey that walks you a series of questions describing how you learn and grow. Then it creates a flexible plan by how your mind learns and grows. It’s really cool. I was actually quite shocked how how well it described me and came up with a spiritual growth plan that fits my personality. (After all, other peoples successful plans don’t work for everyone.)

Not only are the results great, but the visual appeal of the program is nice, clean, and up-to-date. I recommend this to anyone out there like me that struggle to put a plan together and stick to it.


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