It Hit Me Like A Ton Of Bricks

Posted: June 7, 2011 in Balance, Development
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Being on sabbatical, I’ve been with my 2 boys…A LOT!. They’re little (3 and 5). They fight with each other and with me, ask questions about EVERYTHING, want me to go with them EVERYWHERE (even the bathroom), and do exactly what I tell them NOT to do. You can probably understand that this tests my patience. I will confess that sometimes my patience runs out. But the truth is…I love my kids with all that is in me. I wouldn’t trade them for anything. In fact, I would die for them.

One day it hit me like a ton of bricks…just how patient Jesus has had to be with me. With all of us, for that matter. How many times do we fight with other people, people He has spent so much time building up and preparing for greatness? How many times have we thought we could fight against God Himself…and win that argument? How many questions have we asked about why He allows something to happen? I think we ‘test’ His patience ALL THE TIME.  Yes, He gets angry with us (just read your Old Testament if you think he doesn’t get angry). I don’t know, but maybe He gets annoyed with us for asking for the same thing over and over and over that He’s already said “No” to. We were just too stupid to hear what He had to say. I can’t begin to imagine what He thinks when we purposely do something He tells us not to. This I know for sure, even if and when we truly annoy Him, He is SO loving that he’s always there. He loves me, and you, so much, no matter what, that He died…FOR YOU!

That’s PATIENCE. That’s AWESOME. That is LOVE!


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