Falling Again

Posted: June 17, 2011 in Soul Care
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As I’ve had the opportunity to take this break, I can feel myself falling in love with Jesus all over again! If you remember a while back I posted about the bible reading plan I started about 3 months ago. It’s called the Essential Jesus. I’m about 64 days into it at this point and I am being blown away by the life of Jesus. His miracles are things that I have taken for granted as a Christian for 20+ years. I’ve just read over them without really thinking much about it. But with this focus on Jesus teachings and his miracles are causing my heart to leap. I don’t want to miss a time in my daily readings. He’s softening my heart and opening it up to notice the urgency at hand…that this world needs Jesus. As a pastor, when I return from this break, all I want to preach and teach is Jesus! At least even more that what I did before. I truly hope and pray that I can continue to foster this passion and love while back at the office…and transfer it over to the students and families I minister to.


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