The End Is Near

Posted: June 30, 2011 in Events, Leadership, Soul Care

My 3 months is pretty much over. I go back to the office at the end of this week. What do I make of this long, needed break? Right now all I think about is, “What’s going to happen when I get back?” A while back, I wrote a post about what thoughts come to mind when returning from a 2 week vacation. Imagine returning from 12 weeks out of the office. I guess my feelings are quite amplified. I can’t imagine how many emails I will have waiting for me or how many voicemails I will have. I also wonder how many phone calls will come in within my first week back. But…

Here’s what I look forward to in returning. I can’t wait to get back and meet with the kids! I miss hanging out with them. Can’t wait to get back together with my leaders to thank them and encourage them over the summer. Being that tsthe summer is typically a “slower” time in youth ministry, I really look forward to planning the next school year. I have some great ideas and made some new contacts over my break that will hopefully spice things up a bit.

We’ll see pretty soon what reality will bring. Until then…


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