Posted: July 29, 2011 in Balance, Events, Leadership, Programming
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I’ve been back in the office for about 3 weeks after a 3 month sabbatical. Can I tell you how much I’ve gotten done? Hardly ANYTHING! Here’s why.

One week after returning I had our Sr. High missions trip. This trip was to help set up and run Sonshine Music Festival. We ran stage crew where we set up all the stages, lights, and sound. Then during the actual festival we helps the bands on and off stage with their gear. This was the fun part.

The following week, I had to preach. This process took longer than normal for me to prep. I don’t really know why other than God has really been working in my personal life, teaching me things, that I didn’t know where to start or exactly what to hone in on for a message to my church.

What’s going on this week? VBS. We all know that when VBS is going on, none of the staff really get anything done. So between hanging out with the teens and driving the bus for the “after parties” I’m try to even brainstorm ideas for the upcoming school year. One thing I’m coming across and wondering is something more important….leaders. I need to recruit more leaders for our growing ministry and leaders transitioning out.


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