Angels Rejoicing

Posted: August 10, 2011 in Events, Leadership, Programming, Youth Ministry
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From yesterdays message that I gave while at Trout Lake Camps, I discovered this morning that even though I felt like I didn’t present the message clearly, each cabin had good discussion from it. I guess that goes to show that God can work in spite of our weakness or faults.

Tonight I gave as clear a picture as I could in presenting the Good News: what Jesus did and why he deserves our life and our worship.  The response was bigger than I thought. I led them through a prayer at the end of my message to let Jesus in their life allowing Him control of it. I asked them that if they prayed to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior to make eye contact with their counselor. WOW! There were a ton of heads that turned. PRAISE GOD! There are angels rejoicing in Heaven today! In fact, a few students came up to me later in the evening to tell me that they turned their lives over to Jesus. That was so cool to hear. What a blessing to be a messenger of God’s Word and Good News for all.

I’ve asked to hear some stories, so I’m excited for the new day to hear what campers and counselors have to say.


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