The Array Of It All

Posted: February 11, 2012 in Development

One of the things I’ve been struggling through this transition is how to handle the array of emotions I see from people. Some have been SUPER excited and affirming in this call to plant a church. Others seem…well…angry, sad, and/or hurt. One thing I’m learning…you can’t please them all. I’ve been at my church for almost 9 years. I’m sure there are some worries as to what will happen next. There are probably a lot of questions floating around. I know they will get answered, just in time…and if people ask those question rather than just wondering. Some people who look hurt, sad, or angry never seem to express it. And I wonder why? Why not tell me what you’re feeling? I know it’s something to process, but in my mind I’m thinking, “Let’s process it together.” But people process in their own ways.

I guess what gets me through it all is the knowledge of knowing that this is what God has called me to…and…the people who are excited for me. I know that they will be praying for me. They see the call God has placed in me and are supporting me. This is huge to my family and I.


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