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I wanted to take something old and put a new spin on it for our fall kick-offs. What a better way to make something new than to add black lights! It was too much money and too time consuming to change all the lights in our “gym” so I found a place where you can rent them. I rented 2 from Blank Extreme Entertainment.

Friday Night – we rented laser tag! Games2u is a great company that will work with you. They brag about having out door laser tag (which we’ve done a couple of time…very fun.) but we asked about doing indoor and they were able to accommodate! Kids loved the laser tag in the black lights.

Saturday Night – I bought Finger Rockets from Buckets-O-Fun. Great product and lasted the whole night! I’ve played with other brands and in one shot they brake…not these! I put a strip of neon tape so that in the black light it looked like tracer bullets flying through the air. We played a variety of different games, but ended up in an all out war, every person for themselves!

All in all, a great weekend for kicking off the school year and our fall ministry.


So It Begins

Posted: September 8, 2011 in Balance, Events, Leadership, Programming, Youth Ministry

This is the time of year where my ministry runs in overdrive. We’ve got kick-off events, retreats, regular youth group nights coming, leadership training & recruiting, and a TON of planning. It doesn’t seem like it will get all done, but it has to and it will! This is just the ministry side of things.

On a personal note, my two boys just start school. #1 son started all-day kindergarden and #2 son started morning preschool. Add that into the mix and there is no rest for the weary.

With the peddle to the metal, we’re off!

From yesterdays message that I gave while at Trout Lake Camps, I discovered this morning that even though I felt like I didn’t present the message clearly, each cabin had good discussion from it. I guess that goes to show that God can work in spite of our weakness or faults.

Tonight I gave as clear a picture as I could in presenting the Good News: what Jesus did and why he deserves our life and our worship.  The response was bigger than I thought. I led them through a prayer at the end of my message to let Jesus in their life allowing Him control of it. I asked them that if they prayed to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior to make eye contact with their counselor. WOW! There were a ton of heads that turned. PRAISE GOD! There are angels rejoicing in Heaven today! In fact, a few students came up to me later in the evening to tell me that they turned their lives over to Jesus. That was so cool to hear. What a blessing to be a messenger of God’s Word and Good News for all.

I’ve asked to hear some stories, so I’m excited for the new day to hear what campers and counselors have to say.

The other day I wrote about creating good discussion. The next morning I asked the counselors how their cabin time when after chapel. They replied in a cool way. They said that they were quite surprised at how open the kids got on the first day. I guess when you bring up topics you know they deal with they like to talk about it.

The past evening…not so sure about it. It was hard to read the audience reaction to the message. I spoke on how God can use anyone. No matter what their past is or present is…God longs to use them. I hope it was another night of good discussion.

I’m really excited about the next message I’m giving. I’ll post about it after I give it because things in my message always seem to change right before I go up to speak.

This week I’m speaking at Trout Lake Camps. When I’m speaking, especially in a camp setting, I want my talks to create great discussion when they leave. At this camp they have cabin discussion time right after chapel. I wonder if they are going to discuss what I taught on. You might be asking yourself…”Self, What did he teach on?” I’m glad you asked. I spoke from Matthew 5, 6, & 7, aka The Sermon on the Mount. My overall theme was ‘Jesus was weird’. Weird is being different than normal and that’s exactly what Jesus was and taught. I think most of us have discovered that normal doesn’t really work anyway. After all, Jesus want’s us to live a life to the full, so I’m sure his teachings are going to lead us in that direction. I picked three specific things to talk on and encouraged them to read the rest of the 3 chapter. The three I dove into were money, lust, and judging. All three, I believe, are things teen and young teens wrestle with the most.

What do you think? Do you think those three topics would cause a good discussion in their cabins? We’ll see. I’ll ask the counselors in the morning.

I’ve been back in the office for about 3 weeks after a 3 month sabbatical. Can I tell you how much I’ve gotten done? Hardly ANYTHING! Here’s why.

One week after returning I had our Sr. High missions trip. This trip was to help set up and run Sonshine Music Festival. We ran stage crew where we set up all the stages, lights, and sound. Then during the actual festival we helps the bands on and off stage with their gear. This was the fun part.

The following week, I had to preach. This process took longer than normal for me to prep. I don’t really know why other than God has really been working in my personal life, teaching me things, that I didn’t know where to start or exactly what to hone in on for a message to my church.

What’s going on this week? VBS. We all know that when VBS is going on, none of the staff really get anything done. So between hanging out with the teens and driving the bus for the “after parties” I’m try to even brainstorm ideas for the upcoming school year. One thing I’m coming across and wondering is something more important….leaders. I need to recruit more leaders for our growing ministry and leaders transitioning out.

The End Is Near

Posted: June 30, 2011 in Events, Leadership, Soul Care

My 3 months is pretty much over. I go back to the office at the end of this week. What do I make of this long, needed break? Right now all I think about is, “What’s going to happen when I get back?” A while back, I wrote a post about what thoughts come to mind when returning from a 2 week vacation. Imagine returning from 12 weeks out of the office. I guess my feelings are quite amplified. I can’t imagine how many emails I will have waiting for me or how many voicemails I will have. I also wonder how many phone calls will come in within my first week back. But…

Here’s what I look forward to in returning. I can’t wait to get back and meet with the kids! I miss hanging out with them. Can’t wait to get back together with my leaders to thank them and encourage them over the summer. Being that tsthe summer is typically a “slower” time in youth ministry, I really look forward to planning the next school year. I have some great ideas and made some new contacts over my break that will hopefully spice things up a bit.

We’ll see pretty soon what reality will bring. Until then…