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Uncharted Territory

Posted: February 7, 2012 in Development, Leadership

Last week was a tough one. I announced my resignation as Youth Pastor of North Haven Church. Why would I do such a thing? Especially since I LOVE my job? And I LOVE the students I work with? Well, that answer is simple yet difficult. God has placed on my heart a desire for leading people to Jesus Christ. In this desire, God has called me to plant a church! Yes, start a new church from scratch. Studies have shown that the best way to evangelize is by planting churches. People, the un-churched and de-churched, are more willing to try something new, unestablished. It’s through this venture that I am called to preach the message of God. Am I scared about this? YES! But I know that God has called me to this and is going before me. And I know that because God has huge plans for me, he has huge plans for the youth ministry that I am leaving.

The most important thing I keep thinking about is the STRONG desire to hear from the mouth of Jesus when I see him face to face is, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.” Nothing short of that is acceptable. So I will say that I have faith, walk by that faith, and live by that faith.

For the remander of this blog, I might just be posting how this transition is going and what’s going thought my mind as I process all this. Being that I’ve never done this before, I’m in uncharted territory. So please, bare with me.


Son Sitting In

Posted: January 8, 2012 in Development, Leadership, Youth Ministry

This week at youth group, my oldest son was having a hard time in Sparks. So they brought him up to me while I was leading youth group. This has never happened before so I was little concerned for my little guy. He sat so patiently in the back of the room just watching me “do my thing”.

In the past, I’ve tried bringing him with me to events and youth group only to find that in those times, he’s been needy and felt the need for me to hold him. That’s not really doable when you’re up front teaching. I was afraid when I saw him and his Sparks teacher come into our youth room that that’s what I would have to do.

Boy was I wrong. His behavior that night makes me second guess that I can’t bring him to any event. He is, after all 5 years old. I know many other youth pastors bring their younger kids with them. Maybe now I can.

Trial By Fire

Posted: November 3, 2011 in Leadership, Youth Ministry
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Let me first start off by saying that I don’t get sick very often. Maybe one time a year and it’s just the sniffles. Recently, I hired an intern. He’s been working for me for about 2 months so I’m still getting to know him, his gifts, talents, etc.

Well, it was a Wednesday morning and I woke up sick…I mean really sick. I felt like I was laying on my death bed. I waited a couple of hours and let my intern know that he would probably have to lead the lesson that night because I was not going to make it that evening. His response? “Do you want me to continue with your series?” No hesitation on his part. This gains points in my mind for the success of this future leader. Granted I didn’t get to hear his message or watch his leadership, but from what I’ve heard so far, the night went well.

It really pays to have an intern! This was one of those “trial by fire” times.

But I also want to/have to say this. When I texted all my leaders about how I wouldn’t be there because I was sick and that the intern would lead the night…one leader responded, “Get better soon! We got it”. I truly have the best leaders a youth pastor can have. I hope and pray that they know how thankful I am for each and every one.

Thank your youth leaders today! They deserve it!

So It Begins

Posted: September 8, 2011 in Balance, Events, Leadership, Programming, Youth Ministry

This is the time of year where my ministry runs in overdrive. We’ve got kick-off events, retreats, regular youth group nights coming, leadership training & recruiting, and a TON of planning. It doesn’t seem like it will get all done, but it has to and it will! This is just the ministry side of things.

On a personal note, my two boys just start school. #1 son started all-day kindergarden and #2 son started morning preschool. Add that into the mix and there is no rest for the weary.

With the peddle to the metal, we’re off!

Can I Handle It?

Posted: September 7, 2011 in Balance, Leadership, Youth Ministry

Here’s a draft I found that I wrote a long time ago. Thought I’d share it with you.

There’s one thing in ministry that’s hard to handle… criticism. What makes it so hard? Well, the ministry you run is your ‘baby’. You care deeply for those in your flock, those you’ve placed in leadership, it’s a huge part of who you are.  Someone criticizes your ministry or your character and it’s like a sword in your heart. It’s painful.

How do you handle it? Here’s what I did today after a striking blow…I hit the gym and I hit it HARD. The feelings in me came out in my push jerks where I PR’d by 40 pounds! I killed the WOD in my crossfit gym. Sure, that felt good, but the rest of the day was…off. I had little energy to want to deal with people.

Here’s to better days!

One of the things I hate doing in youth ministry is saying good-bye to great leaders who are moving on from youth ministry. Unfortunately, it’s part of the ministry. What makes it harder is when it’s a leader who has invested many years into the lives of students. These are the leaders youth pastors dream of…they’re irreplaceable. So how do you fill their spot? There lies my problem. I’ve had such longevity of great, quality youth volunteers that I have almost lost the art of recruiting. Time to recall those skills and get to work!

There are things you hate about doing in youth ministry and there are things you love. I love to brag on people in my youth ministry. This post is bragging about 2 people. One is a student that graduated out of our youth ministry a few years ago and the other is a Senior this year. I asked for graphics in promoting the start of our school year and our kick-off events. Here’s what they came up with. So proud of Levi and Arianna. They did great work. I’m so excited about they’ll come up with next!