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Where do I go now?

Posted: February 13, 2012 in Uncategorized

Since this blog of mine was centered around youth ministry and now that I’m transitioning out of youth ministry, it’s only necessary that I change blog names and addresses. So, to hear more thoughts about what happens in my mind along with other ideas of what I’m planning in our church, Ignite Church, head on over to You can also check out my church’s website (still in the making, though).

I’ll still probably post a few more youth ministry thoughts here in the remaining weeks that I’m a youth pastor. It’s been quite a ride here. Can’t wait to see what’s next around the corner.


It’s been over a month since I last posted an article. I sound like I should be in Blogger Anonymous. Here’s why…I’ve been SUPER busy, duh. Barely time to do any personal fun stuff. I’m an (well, was) and avid rock climber that hasn’t climbed in a LONG time. I’m a book reader that loves to improve my spiritual walk and leadership that hasn’t read either of the books that I’m in the middle of. I’m a family man that has spent some time wrestling my boys in our ‘cage match’. I could go in, but I’d bore you to tears.

Anyway, I would love to say that starting New Years, I’ll start posting more regularly, but like most New Years resolutions, I’d probably fail like the rest of them. So with all that, I’m trying to put scheduled posting times on my calendar to help me remember to do just that; Spew my youth ministry thoughts on this digital paper for others to read and either learn from and use or laugh at and reject. Either way, I find it therapeutic.

Here’s to the future!

Sweet Twitter Video

Posted: April 13, 2011 in Uncategorized
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As I’ve been planning for my 3 month leave for Sabbatical I keep coming across this ‘weird’ feeling. It’s really weird planning to leave. Wondering if everything will run smoothly? Did I fill all the gaps? What if….? All these questions roll through my mind.

Well, I guess I have to leave it Gods’ hands…any my AWESOME volunteer staff’s hands!

Then on the flip side, I wonder…”What is God going to teach me?!” I’m nervous. A good friend of mine told me that when we get away often times our mind gets thinking in areas we normally don’t think about. This causes us to have to deal with things we don’t want to and that should have been dealt with a while back. That could be really uncomfortable.

I’m planning on keeping tabs on what I’m learning and going through over the next 3 months. I’ll tag it all under “Sabbatical”

What’s really weird is I’ve been planning this time for not quite a year and it already starts on FRIDAY!!!!

OK. This is weird for me to admit, but I’m trying something that I was and still am skeptical about. It’s about this website The reason I’m trying it now is because I’ve heard from 2 trustworthy people who have had success with it. Here’s one (Life In Student Ministry) and here’s another ( So, if it worked for them, I’ll try it out. If you would like to give it a shot, as well, use this copy and past this url in your web browser to start ( This will help me get my iPhone.

How does it work?

1. Companies (like Netflix, for example) are looking for new potential customers to try out their products and services.

2. Blockbuster goes to the Bonus Network and says, “Hey, we’ll give you $80 for every customer you send our way to try out our online DVD rental service.” (Some advertisers pay Bonus Network $80, some pay them $40.)

3. So Bonus Network comes to you and says, “If you try out Blockbuster’s service and refer other people to try it through us, or one of our other advertising partner’s services, we’ll split the $80 with you for each person you recruit.”

4. You try out Blockbuster’s service and get 6 other people to try it, too (or another product/service offered through Bonus Network’s site) by giving your friends and family a special link that Bonus provides for you to share. (Of course, your friends can then get people to sign-up under their special link so they can work toward a free prize, too, but know that the people they refer have no benefit for you.)

5. After your 6 friends try a product or service, Bonus Network says, “Thanks! We’ll give you $240 ($40/referral x 6 referrals) or an iPod Touch. Which do you want?”

6. About a week later, your prize shows up in the mail, or your money shows up in your PayPal account.

I’m a product of our culture. The part of the culture that teaches us to “want it now!” I’ve had to reprogram my brain to put many of my wants aside until God’s timing…not mine. Usually, if it’s my timing, I get into trouble. So Have to to wait. It’s a lesson in the dreaded word… ‘patience’.

I know it’s strong language, but I truly hate…patience.

I hate waiting. When an idea come to my mind, I want to do it NOW. Details will/can come later. They come during the journey or process.

What’s interesting about ministering to the youth generation is that they want things even faster…quicker. They’re in the age of ‘lightning fast’. They have texting to get responses, fiber optic internet, wireless internet, cell phones, and the list goes on. I still remember the days of dial-up internet…if you could afford it. I also remember the days of the bag phone. Where you had to carry the battery of your cell phone in a bag…and it weighed 20 pounds!

The trick…getting teens to wait! How do you do it? How do you teach it?

I know for a fact that I am not the best youth pastor. There are so many great youth pastors/workers out there that I strive to be like. I recently wrote post about trying to getting my students to catch the vision for the ministry and I admit that I struggle in certain areas and this might be one of them. I have a heart and passion for people to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ. I long to see people come to faith in Him and to encourage them to strengthen their walk with Christ. Where I feel like I’m failing is that we aren’t getting new students that don’t have Jesus as Lord and Savior.

So, I wonder if I’m failing in equipping them with the right tools to share Christ with their friends?

How do you equip your students to share the Gospel with their friends?