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Trial By Fire

Posted: November 3, 2011 in Leadership, Youth Ministry
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Let me first start off by saying that I don’t get sick very often. Maybe one time a year and it’s just the sniffles. Recently, I hired an intern. He’s been working for me for about 2 months so I’m still getting to know him, his gifts, talents, etc.

Well, it was a Wednesday morning and I woke up sick…I mean really sick. I felt like I was laying on my death bed. I waited a couple of hours and let my intern know that he would probably have to lead the lesson that night because I was not going to make it that evening. His response? “Do you want me to continue with your series?” No hesitation on his part. This gains points in my mind for the success of this future leader. Granted I didn’t get to hear his message or watch his leadership, but from what I’ve heard so far, the night went well.

It really pays to have an intern! This was one of those “trial by fire” times.

But I also want to/have to say this. When I texted all my leaders about how I wouldn’t be there because I was sick and that the intern would lead the night…one leader responded, “Get better soon! We got it”. I truly have the best leaders a youth pastor can have. I hope and pray that they know how thankful I am for each and every one.

Thank your youth leaders today! They deserve it!


Youth ministry is a VERY busy job. Meeting with students, watching their sport/activities, planning, writing, recruiting, training, and the list goes on. Not to mention family time. It’s hard to write 2-3 messages a week. That’s one for Jr. High, one for Sr. High, and one for Sunday mornings. So, I’m always looking for good curriculum to use. One that allows me to easily modify it to fit my needs.

I love the resources that have come out with, like the youversion bible. While poking around their stuff I came across their Open resources. They have a ton of stuff for speaking to teens. It comes with messages, videos, graphics, even small group questions. I recently used one of their series called “Greater Than” to try out this resource. I have to say…INCREDIBLE. Loved using it. I could easily make it my own. I didn’t have to reinvent graphics. It made my life a lot easier. I highly recommend that you check it out and give it a try. After all…it’s FREE!

There are things you hate about doing in youth ministry and there are things you love. I love to brag on people in my youth ministry. This post is bragging about 2 people. One is a student that graduated out of our youth ministry a few years ago and the other is a Senior this year. I asked for graphics in promoting the start of our school year and our kick-off events. Here’s what they came up with. So proud of Levi and Arianna. They did great work. I’m so excited about they’ll come up with next!

Looking for some answers as to why young people don’t go to church or have left the church? Then you need to read this book. It’s creates a slew of emotions as you read each chapter. If you’re not moved to change the way church is now or even your livestyle after reading this book…them something is wrong. David provides compelling evidence as to what we need to do as the Church to meet the needs of our culture and to make a difference in this world. He ends his book with a great question…

“What image of Jesus do people get from your life?”

Don’t hesitate…pick up this book – unChristian: What a New Generation Really Thinks about Christianity… and Why It Matters

The longer I’ve been in youth ministry and the older I get the more I feel it. It’s called the “Generational Gap”. I think it happens to everyone, but I honestly thought it wouldn’t start happening already. It sort of depressing. Things in the culture used to come so easy, but it’s changing so fast that I struggle keeping up. The students are changing so quickly that as soon as I understand them and what’s going on…it’s old news.

That’s why I’m so thankful for my volunteers that are younger and deep in that culture. They relate so well and can hold those challenging conversations with the students. As opposed to my conversations which are all about explaining things to me. I also love the tools of CYPU, Group, and slew of other culture websites that I should be reading more of.

How do you stay involved in the youth culture? Where do you get your information? Maybe it’s a tool I can use.

It’s been a fun year already for me in the area of preaching. Normally, I get maybe one chance a year, but this year I’ve preached twice already. Guess what? I love doing it. It’s fun. I posted the other day about how hard it was to get ready for that, yet I felt that it all came together nicely. In fact, I encourage you to take a listen. The topic was on something I was wrestling with before and during my sabbatical. I also want to encourage you to do the 30 day challenge I give in the message. Many in our congregation took that challenge, which the amount of people doing it surprised me. I was so encouraged, Thanks!

I’ve been back in the office for about 3 weeks after a 3 month sabbatical. Can I tell you how much I’ve gotten done? Hardly ANYTHING! Here’s why.

One week after returning I had our Sr. High missions trip. This trip was to help set up and run Sonshine Music Festival. We ran stage crew where we set up all the stages, lights, and sound. Then during the actual festival we helps the bands on and off stage with their gear. This was the fun part.

The following week, I had to preach. This process took longer than normal for me to prep. I don’t really know why other than God has really been working in my personal life, teaching me things, that I didn’t know where to start or exactly what to hone in on for a message to my church.

What’s going on this week? VBS. We all know that when VBS is going on, none of the staff really get anything done. So between hanging out with the teens and driving the bus for the “after parties” I’m try to even brainstorm ideas for the upcoming school year. One thing I’m coming across and wondering is something more important….leaders. I need to recruit more leaders for our growing ministry and leaders transitioning out.